Amnesia Scanner and Bill Kouligas release expanded recording of Lexachast project



“A sonic reference to the fallouts of avant-EDM and cyberdrone.”

PAN boss Bill Kouligas and avant-club provocateurs Amnesia Scanner have released an expanded recording of their multimedia collaboration, Lexachast.

The collaborative album was borne out of a live, improvised performance that took place at the ICA in 2015. Bill Kouligas and Amnesia Scanner, aka Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, have since performed Lexachast live at events including Transmediale, CTM, Unsound.

Described by the label as “a sonic reference to the fallouts of avant-EDM and cyberdrone”, the album is accompanied by generative visual components from artist Harm van den Dorpel, who alters and blends images selected from Flickr and DeviantArt in real time.

Order a copy here, check out the cover art and tracklist below.


1. Lexachast I
2. Lexachast II
3. Lexachast III
4. Lexachast IV
5. Lexachast V
6. Lexachast VI
7. Lexachast VII
8. Lexachast VIII
9. Lexachast IX

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