Ad agency Uncle Grey create turntablist scratch vinyl posters



Scratch the city with campaign for headphone brand Urban Ears’ new mobile app.

Updating a technology popular in the 70’s to advertise a technology popular in the 70’s? It may not be Scratch’N’Sniff, but the new campaign by Danish agency Uncle Grey will give your nails a real workout.

Designed to be scratched with your fingernail, the spacings between the engraved 3mm vinyl mimic basic turntable techniques like one and two click flairs, chirp flairs and an array of crossfader fundamentals.

Placed around Copenhagen last month, most of the ads have since been ‘requisitioned’ by members of the public. Senior art director at the agency Goldtsche Jørgensen remains unconcerned. “The fly poster is a pretty good medium for promoting music but we wanted to reinvent it and transfer the interactivity of the app onto traditional analogue media. A lot of them have been stolen but that’s great for an urban brand – it means people like them enough to go to the trouble of taking them”. [via Creative Review]

Watch the video below for a full explanation of how it all works: