A librarian rates her husband’s “stupid record collection, one at a time” on this ace blog





Originally posted on FACT.

Blog of the day!

Frustrated with packing, unpacking and repacking her husband’s record collection during multiple house moves, a U.S. librarian has decided to blog her way through every one of 1500-plus records in the house – most of which she hasn’t heard before – under the title My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection.

“This project was my idea, inspired by maybe one too many glasses of wine last weekend, when I was in charge of changing the music,” she explains. “‘I can’t believe there are so many records here that I have never listened to. I should try to listen to all of them. And then write about it.’ So here we are.”

She’s just started and is so far only on the A’s, but it’s a strong selection so far, including Anthrax (“I can see the urge to ‘head bang’, if you will”), AC/DC (“cheesy”), Adam and the Ants, Louis Armstrong and The Au Pairs. Husband Alex also chips in with a few opinions and anecdotes of his own.

Good job his collection is 99% smaller than Carl Cox’s, eh?

Check it out here.