24 Hours Of Vinyl event and live broadcast takes on San Francisco

24 Hours Of Vinyl event and live broadcast takes on San Francisco




Fresh from its 10th edition in Paris, the 24 Hours Of Vinyl (24HOV) project will host its first event in San Francisco plus a live broadcast stream. 

It started out in 2011 as a DJ challenge for a few mates hanging out during the harsh Canadian winter, but since then 24HOV has snowballed. Three years on, the vinyl-only day-long DJ’ing event is on to its 11th show, this time in San Francisco. The non-profit project moves from city to city, broadcasting online too, but only for 24 hours at a time. As they put it, it’s “a daylong homage to the musical format that simply does not want to die”.


Founded by the guys behind Music Is My Sanctuary, their first nine events took place either on home turf in Montreal or in Canadian neighbours Vancouver and Toronto. The 10th edition saw 24HOV take a European twist with a trip to Paris and 15 DJ’s playing across genres for a full day. Across the 10 editions they’ve hosted a strong roster of previous artists  – Amir, Onra, Jacques Greene, Kid Koala, Rahaan, Eddie C and many many more. Now they’re exploring America with 15 more DJs sharing their favourite wax gems in San Francisco. The announced lineup thus far is as follows:

Fred Everything
Vin Sol
J Boogie
David Harness
Vinnie Esparza (Groove Merchant)
Freddy Anzures (Wax Poetics)
Nina Sol
Mike Bee (Vinyl Dreams)
King Most

+more to be announced.

The event takes place from Friday 19th to Saturday 20th (7pm to 7pm) at the Synergize Studio in SF (RSVP needed). And the live stream will be available from here. Check out the Facebook event here and keep this bookmarked to stay in the loop with 24HOV.



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