VF Live: Zudrangma Records #3 with Maft Sai



Direct from the mighty Bangkok record shop.

In VF Live – our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate record selects and mixes.

For Zudrangma Records’ third instalment from its Bangkok HQ, label head, shop founder, DJ and producer Maft Sai selects from the impressive racks.

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Nae Ma-Eum-E Judan-Eul Kkalgo – San Ul Lim
2. Ombak Ombak Yang Ganas – Melky Goeslaw
3. Poszłabym Za Tobą (I Would Follow You) – Breakout
4. Anti Gandja – The Brims
5. Allah Wakbarr – Ofo The Black Company ‎
6. Pai Na Pai – Sroeng Santi
7. Ömür Biter Yol Bitmez – 3 Hür-El
8. Psychedelia – X’Lents
9. A Jupiter – Proyecto “A”
10. Omul E Valul – Progresiv TM