VF Live: Sarah Evans #11



A disco-fuelled dig.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Presenter and producer Sarah Evans takes a break from her regular locale at Soul Proprietors to play selects from a pal’s set-up.

Watch and listen to the set above, find out more about the show and check out the tracklist below.

“For my latest VF Live set, I wanted to share some of the disco tracks that I’ve had on heavy rotation recently.

Disco is the staple of my collection due to my Dad being a disco DJ in the 1970s. I inherited his collection as a teenager. It would have been over 2000, but my mum sold the majority whilst I was a school one day! I’ve been building it back up ever since.”


1. Gboyega Adelaja – Ere Aladun
2. Janet Dubois – Queen Of The Highway (Kon Edit)
3. Space Cats – Something New
4. Ze Roberto – Lotus 72D (fast version)
5. Mike Umoh – Shake Your Body
6. African Soul Band – Nande
7. Steel-Band de la Trinidad – Calypso Jazz Improvisation
8. Arsivplak – Volga Nehri