VF Live: Koreatown Oddity





“Listening to records is how I travel the world without leaving LA.”

In VF Live our favourite artists take you inside their homes, record shops and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

For Koreatown Oddity’s first VF Live set, on the heels of the release of his album Little Dominiques Nosebleed, he delivers a mix spanning from jazz and spoken word to hip-hop, soul and downtempo funk.

“I’m always listening to an ever expanding range of music that excludes no genre. Everything has some hot shit in it! Listening to records is how I travel the world without leaving LA. I’m inspired by all aspects of a record – artwork, song titles, photos, song lengths, instruments played, names of people, the year, the label, the country of origin, and of course the sound.”

“One record can just have a single note in a small part of a song that peaks my interest. With the records I chose to play. I just wanted to show how my brain can go from one style to the next and how cool soundinh shit is like candy for my ears. When you listen to the production I did on my latest album Little Dominiques Nosebleed you can hear how much different types of shit I enjoy.”

Watch and listen to the set above, find out more about the show and check out the tracklist below.


1. The Werewolf Speaks
2. Franklin Ajaye – Disneyland High
3. Tontos Expanding Headband – TimeWhys
4. Anna Dobiey – Hunger und Durst
5. Elliot Sharp – Ras/Ten
6. Eludem ( Films for the Mind)
7. Melvin Van Peebles – Dear Mistuh
8. Koreatown Oddity – Black Antique Flossin
9. Dorinda Clark Cole – Jesus Is My Best Friend
10. Ras G – Dance Of The Cosmos
11. Richard Pryor – Super Nigger/ Fartin
12. MED – Sofa Coins
13. Fat Albert Einstein & Clutchy Hopkins- Mojave Dervish
14. Koreatown Oddity – A Bitch Once Told Me
15. Los Cupidos Negros – No Me Niegues Tus Besos
16. Southern Revivalists of N.O. – Get Right With God
17. Koreatown Oddity feat. Black Moses – Don’t Say 2 or 1 
18. Zaondekoza – Yataibayashi
19. Lydia Lunch ( Spoken Word)
20. Transistor – Master Of the Universe 
21. Nina Hagen Band – Naturtrane
22. Isley Brothers – Lovers Eve 

Little Dominiques Nosebleed is out now on Stones Throw.