VF Live: City Goes Wax with DJ MoCity



Iraqi and hip-hop record gems live from New Delhi.

In VF Live, our favourite artists take you inside their homes and record shops, for intimate mixes and performances.

DJ MoCity steps up for his first VF Live playing selects from the record collection that he has amassed during his travels around the world over the past 15 years:

“City Goes Wax is the name of my personal vinyl collection. Being able to spend time listening to my own collection has given me the most happiness during lockdown – they’re records that have taken me years to collect. The records are unique to me, my travels. On this first VF Live, I wanted to showcase a bit of my Iraqi heritage and my love for hip-jop music, in simple ways. I hope this 60 minutes collection of tracks gives you comfort and joy during these difficult times.


1. NehruvianDOOM – Caskets (intro)
2. Oum Kalthoum – Al Atlal (part 3)
3. Ahmed Al Indibat – Guitar Choubi
4. Kathim AL Saher – Helwa Ya ‘Em Oyoun Al Soud (Pretty, With Black Eyes)
5. Al Sayyed Darwish & El Rass – Ya Deeb (oh wolf)
6. LaTlateh – Boov
7. A Tribe Called Quest – Artical (ft Whitey Don & Chip Fu)
8. Kaytranada – Love of My Life
9. Jay-Z – the Bounce (ft Kanye West)
10. Madlib – Movie Finale
11. J-Dilla – Make’em Nv (Instrumental)
12. Anderson Paak – Departure​:​Bob James
13. Chayeb Chbab – Bent Al Chalabia
14. 47 Soul – Debeekeh
15. M.I.A – Jimmy