VF Live: Budino



Soca, Afrobeat, space-disco and italo records played through a mighty Rane MP2016.

In VF Live, our favourite artists take you inside their homes and record shops, for intimate mixes and performances.

For Italian born, Berlin-based collector Budino’s first VF Live appearance, she selects soca, afrobeat, space-disco, disco and italo records to uplift your spirits.

“I’ve chosen the records during a rainy and grey day in Berlin. They give good and warm energy to my body and to my soul.”

Watch and listen to the set above, featuring her formidable Rane mixer, check out the tracklist below.


1. The Raincoats – Honey Man Woman
2. Messenger – Africa Is Burning,  And The Black Man Is Doing The Freak (Vocal)
3. Max-B – Jungle
4. Mongo Santamaria – Sambita
5. Brenda – Street Girl
6. Debbie Jacobs – High On Your Love
7. Golden Reunion – Brain
8. Stopp –  Caramba Mix