Hala Wardé & Soundwalk Collective release A Roof For Silence score on limited 12″

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From their installation of the same name at the Venice Biennale.

Hala Wardé & Soundwalk Collective have released their A Roof For Silence score, on limited edition 12″ via The Vinyl Factory.

Soundwalk created the compositions to accompany Hala Wardé’s ‘A Roof For Silence’ installation, which debuted inside the Venice Biennale’s Lebanese Pavilion.

It sees the collective asking: “How does one construct a roof for silence? Can we create a sonic space where emptiness is imagined as a pillar, and where the notions of silence and contemplation become the foundations for an architecture? Are we able to hear the resonant frequency of an object that’s alive, ancient, and a void, all in one?”

Its score consists of two extended compositions: ‘Falling Into Time’ featuring Lucy Railton on cello, and Antiforms featuring Daisuke Tadokoro on piano.

‘Falling Into Time’ slowly immerses us into the ground; roots grow deeply within the earth and natural matter, every day, hour, minute, second. The sound of a vibrating cello connects with the resonant frequency of the olive tree, evoking a timeless space where presence and void coexist.

‘Antiform’, a piece inspired by Paul Virilio’s concept, evokes the sky and the idea of expanse, anti-gravity and elevation. We remember Virilio’s words: “where there is a sentient object, being or thing, the space is no more, we take away a volume from it, by this very act we give it a shape: the Antiform.” All elements let go of structure and become informal and abstract; the improvised piano loses order and breaks free from existing patterns.

A Roof For Silence score features modular synthesizers, electronics, and field recordings by Soundwalk Collective (Stephan Crasneanscki & Simone Merli), cello written and performed by Lucy Railton, piano written and performed by Daisuke Tadokoro, and additional field recordings by Nicolas Becker.

Order A Roof For Silence here.