Watch Trevor Jackon's new video for 'In Your Hands'



London-based artist Trevor Jackson constructs an abstract dance performance for his latest music video.

Trevor Jackson’s first album in 14 years FORMAT was initially released across 12 different musical formats, including reel-to-reel, VHS, Mini-Disc and USB, with each format containing a separate track. The entire album is now available on triple vinylCD and digital.

Check out the video to “In Your Hands”, which until now could only be viewed if you purchased the VHS tape in the initial multi-format release. Experimenting with custom-built analogue machinery, Jackson manipulates digital footage of dancers Michael-John Harper and Catarina Carvahlo into abstraction.


Direction and image manipulation: Trevor Jackson

Director of Photography: Steve Neilson at Raw Capture

Choreography and performance: Michael-John Harper and Catarina Carvahlo

Music: ‘In Your Hands’ from the album ‘F O R M A T’