Watch the video for Gwilym Gold's new single 'Muscle'



Artist Eddie Peake directs stirring and surreal video.

Gwilym Gold’s first new release in two years is gathering pace with. Released via Eddie Peake’s HYMN label in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, ‘Muscle’ now has a stunning new video, directed by Peake and starring long-time collaborator and dancer Fernanda Munoz-Newsome.

Speaking to The Vinyl Factory about the project last week, Peake outlined his vision for the label as building whole words around each release, describing the video as “shifting the aesthetic that accompanies the release away from a literal interpretation of the song and have it be like a mysterious narrative unto itself, that would have a similar feeling – and I mean that in a very abstract way – to the song, but not a literal interpretation of the narrative within it.”

Describing the action of the video as a “fluctuating psychological journey” taken by the protagonist, the film reflects the other-worldly calm of Gold’s powerful balled, exploiting the dual meaning of ‘Muscle’ as both something sexualised, in the case of the human form, and emotional, as with our most elemental muscle, the heart.

‘Muscle’ is available from The Vinyl Factory online shop as standard and a limited screen-printed edition of 100 copies, hand-signed by Eddie Peake himself.

You can read our full interview with Eddie Peake and Gwilym Gold here.