Watch the trailer for Carsten Nicolai's unicolor installation now



Audio visual artist Carsten Nicolai brings his unicolor installation to Europe for the first time.

Taking over the top floor of The Vinyl Factory space at Brewer Street Car Park, unicolor is a two-fold audio/visual experience, that takes the very essence of our experience of colour as its theme.

Confronted with 16 module experiments and test patterns that recede in infinite regress in mirrors at the peripheries of each colour field, Nicolai hopes the visitors will challenge what colours they are really seeing.

“The brain is always adding things it doesn’t really see,” Nicolai explains. “Put a very strong red next to white, and you experience an afterglow of green. With RGB, when it moves really fast, we start seeing grey. We really believe what we see – as an observer, it’s difficult to identify the illusion.”

While each module is accompanied by a frequency, the second part of the installation rests more directly with sound, as multi-coloured, uncentred vinyl records are left for people to use and play with on a bank of four turntables in the atrium of the space.

The exhibition, which runs until 2nd August is open daily (closed on Mondays) from midday until 6pm and is free to visit at Brewer Street Car Park Top Floor, London, W1F 0LA.

Click here for more information and get a taste of what to expect from the trailer above.