Watch Robert Henke & Robin Fox’s mind-bending A/V laser show Lumière

Watch Robert Henke & Robin Fox's mind-bending A/V laser show Lumière



Originally posted on FACT.

ARTEFACT is a FACT TV series exploring the relationship between music and visual art, from behind the scenes to front of stage.

In this episode, we get the scoop on Robert Henke and Robin Fox’s Lumière, an audiovisual laser performance that took place as part of the Barbican’s Digital Revolution this Summer.

Since Lumière is site specific, each room demands an adapted placement of the lasers. The laser beams connect the screen with the auditorium, creating a three dimensional object floating in the middle of the room above the audience. Henke, a veteran of both electronic music and the music tech world through his work with Monolake and Ableton, sat down with ARTEFACT to explain how the project works.

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