Watch Joëlle create a dystopian visual world for Andy Stott's live show



Beauty in darkness, hope amid despair.

Last year, visual artist Joëlle collaborated with techno producer Andy Stott for an immersive live A/V show at MIRA visual arts festival, Stott’s first performance in Barcelona since the release of his acclaimed album Faith In Strangers, released on Modern Love in 2014.

Describing the project, Joëlle says:

“The show concept is loosely formed around feelings of despair and the sense of a broken world. I wanted to represent the view of earth in a distorted and deformed way which was still beautiful. There are themes of insignificance and fragility and an element of things breaking down and being reconstructed. But there is also an element of hope, transformation and faith in humanity”.

Documenting the performance, the film also provides a technical insight into the complex and improvised processes behind creating the visuals, which combine rendered and generative images that are controlled in real time by Quartz Composer.

Watch the short film, exclusively on The Vinyl Factory, above.