Watch a short film behind the scenes with rising electronic music trio Garden City Movement





Go behind the scenes with rising stars Garden City Movement in their hometown of Tel Aviv.

In this new documentary, produced by FACT TV, directors Ofir Peretz and Indy Hait bring Garden City Movement’s sounds to live, and contextualise them in their hometown. Their five-track EP Modern West recently came out through BLDG5 Records and The Vinyl Factory. Click here to order your copy.

We caught up with the directors to talk more about the film:

Tell is a bit about your background?

Ofir: My first stint in filmmaking was when I joined the army eight years ago. I was a cameraman in the film unit. After my release in 2010, I started working on documentaries and music videos until i got my first break as a cinematographer for Israeli TV. This was a great opportunity to pay my bills and to also develop my own cinematic language, it was almost like being at film school. In 2014 I lived in New York for a while, I buried myself in cinema.

Indy: I think it started 12 years ago when I was a kid, I was really into 3D and animation. While all kids was playing football outside, I was home making massive 3D environments and explosions, playing with camera and lights. Now I understand that it was my film school. When I was 17 I was producing commercials for local TV in Ukraine. In 2009, at age 18, I moved to Israel to start a new life as a filmmaker, and started to make music videos and commercials. I already have a few nominations and wins on MTV Israel. in 2014 I had a chance to try myself as VFX supervisor on a big feature film – that really helped to open my mind and understand that there is no boundaries anymore. We have the technology, now it’s only a matter of imagination.

The video revolves around two quite contrasting styles – how did you achieve this?

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to mix different formats and aspect ratio to create a conflict between the perfect, clean sound of GCM and the messy style of the visuals, so we used three different cameras. We took quite a chance mixing old and new formats, because in addition to the technical problems, we didn’t know if it would look right as one piece. One camera we used was an old VHS we got from a friend – it was completely broken and unusable, we didn’t test it before shooting and we didn’t know if any footage was actually recording. We were surprised to see the final footage with this distorted look, but that’s kind of what we really wanted anyway.

Talk us through Tel Aviv and its relevance to Garden City Movement.

Tel Aviv, like Israel, is not planed ahead – that’s her beauty. I try to find the right corners from which that beauty reappears, where the unplanned becomes an organism, like you inside your surroundings – your city, your culture.

Did the music inspire the visuals?

For sure. we traveled around the city by car, with our cameras and Modern West. We had the EP playing all day. It was very important for us to try to Tell a different story from the music with the visuals, but to still capture the atmosphere and transfer the same emotions as the music.

Produced in association with EGG