The Vinyl Factory chats to Secret 7" designers including Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood



We visit artists Alex Chinneck, Fred Butler, Pete Fowler and Stanley Donwood in their studios.

With less than a month to go until Record Store Day and the opening of Secret 7″ exhibition in London, the art and music initiative has released the full list of artists who will each be responsible for producing one of 700 unique 7″ record sleeves for seven different singles. You can read more about the music, which will feature Massive Attack, Lorde and Roxy Music in an eclectic line-up here.

On show from the 12th and 13th April Downstairs At Mother in East London before they are sold for £45 a piece to the public on Record Store Day to raise money for War Child, the impressive roster of participating artists will once again see established names rub shoulders with emerging talents, with the Chapman Brothers, Paul Smith, Jeremy Deller and Antony Gormley among the most high-profile contributors.

To preview the exhibition, we spoke to four of the artists involved to discuss their own work, the nature of designing record sleeves and just why they decided to get involved with Secret 7″.

For more on the work of Stanley Donwood, read our in-depth interview about his work with Radiohead, here.