The Record Sweep: Watch Luke Vibert try and spend £100 on vinyl in 10 minutes



£100 to spend. Ten minutes to spend it. One wall of vinyl to spend it on. This is the Record Sweep.

Channeling the spirit of Dale Winton / David Ruprecht, our new crate digging game-show gives contestants ten minutes to spend one hundred pounds at Hackney Wick’s monster record emporium Vinyl Pimp. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs had a crack at The Record Sweep last time round, which you can watch here.

Next up for the challenge: electronica pioneer Luke Vibert.

Luke Vibert’s shopping list

Richard Purser – The Troubled E.P (Deep Trouble, 1995) Price: £1.99
Hurt ‘Em Bad And The SC Band – The Boxing Game (Profile, 1983) Price: £8.49
Parallel – Face And Mikey EP (Ruff Diamond, 1993) Price: £14.00
Alien Christ – Of Suns And Moons (Planet Core Productions, 1991) Price: £2.99
Deep Stix vs. Kentish Man – U-Got (Ten Pin, 1995) Price: £0.99
No Name – Hypnotic House (House Nation, 1987) Price: £20.00
Symphonies Of Steel – The Second Level (Planet Core Productions, 1996) Price: £8.49
Mainx – Second Look EP (Hithouse, 1992) Price: £1.99
Jackal & Hyde – Seek & Destroy (The Remixes) (Hallucination, 2001) Price: £7.99
“X” Cert – Rising 2 The Bass / Strike A Dub (Limited E Edition, 1992) Price: £7.99
Formula 7 / Brother Hood – Brother Hood Vol 1 (Quayside, 1994) Price: £2.49
Trigger – Stratosphere (Target, 1991) Price: £3.49
A Guy Called Gerald – Too Fucked To Dance / Anything V.2.1 (Juice Box, 1993) Price: £16.00

Total: £96.90
Change: £3.10

The Record Sweep was filmed at Vinyl Pimp, 14 Felstead St, London E9 5LT. Re-selling records for some of the biggest DJs and collectors around, you can find out more about Vinyl Pimp on their website.

Big thank you to Hon – Vinyl Pimp owner, challenge master and Record Sweep cashier supreme.