The Record Sweep: Watch Jen Long try and spend £100 on vinyl in 10 minutes





£100 to spend. Ten minutes to spend it. One wall of vinyl to spend it on. This is the Record Sweep.

Channeling the spirit of Dale Winton / David Ruprecht, our new crate digging game-show gives contestants ten minutes to spend one hundred pounds at Hackney Wick’s monster record emporium Vinyl Pimp.

Previously we’ve had T.E.E.D. and Luke Vibert take on The Record Sweep, watch those here and here.

Next up for the challenge: Music Editor at DICE and Kissability label boss, Jen Long

We know Jen likes to buy Sonic Youth records when she can, but here’s what she managed to get her hands on in just 10 minutes.

Jen Long’s shopping list

Why? – Oaklandazulasylum (Anticon, 2003) Price: £10.99
Thievary Corporation – DJ Kicks EP /  It Takes A Thief (DJ Kicks, 1999) Price: £7.99
Partial Arts vs. Tim Paris  – Round 1 The Originals (Battle, 2006) Price: £2.99
Destiny’s Child – Survivor (Columbia, 2000) Price: £2.49
Roxy Music – Siren (ATCO, 1975) Price: £10.00
Nils Frahm – The Bells (Erased Tapes, 2009) Price: £19.00
A. R. Kane – “i” (Rough Trade, 1989) Price: £9.49
Donna Summer – This Needs To Be Your Style (Monkey Tool, 2003) Price: £1.99
Boards Of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children (Warp, 1998) Price: £34.49

Total: £99.43
Change: £0.57

The Record Sweep was filmed at Vinyl Pimp, 14 Felstead St, London E9 5LT. Re-selling records for some of the biggest DJs and collectors around, you can find out more about Vinyl Pimp on their website.

Big thank you to Hon – Vinyl Pimp owner, challenge master and Record Sweep cashier supreme.