‘The Record Album’ – Watch our film on Brighton’s longest serving record shop

'The Record Album' - Watch our film on Brighton's longest serving record shop



Established in 1948, The Record Album is the grandfather of Brighton’s strong record store scene. The shop is a goldmine for film and TV soundtracks, stage, musicals and high quality classical recordings; all lovingly selected by 85-year old owner George Ginn.

Filmmaker Julian Ward made a short film about George and the shop which you can watch above. And below, Julian explains how the film came about.

Words: Julian Ward

I first met George in 2012 when I was in a desperate and frantic state. My entire record collection, an over thirty year obsession with The Who vinyl and 12″ ’90s indie classics including The Charlatans Then, had been mistakenly passed on to a charity shop by someone while in storage.

While searching the record shops of Brighton, I ventured into The Record Album in hope of a result and got talking with George about his shop and collection. It’s a shop that one can get lost in for hours with its vast collection of wonderful and rare film scores. George understood the attachment to my lost collection and we bonded over music, pressings, digital sound and Henry Mancini. A photographic portrait followed my initial visit which then led to some filming and talking on camera.

This is in an introduction to George and his shop in Brighton.


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  1. James Salter 1 year ago

    This is my all time favourite record shop and George is an absolute gent. I first became aware of this shop in my student days (in the late 80s) and I have purchased many records from George through the years. Sadly I don’t get to visit there that often these days, but if you have a particular Music interest (mine being Film Scores) then George is your man.

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