Gore score: The 10 best horror soundtracks with Death Waltz Recording Co.



From slashers to splatters, Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Records runs down his top 10 horror soundtracks on vinyl.

Death Waltz is the ultimate labour of love. From the moment a young Spencer Hickman took his dad’s video card to rent Zombie Flesh Eaters and made his girlfriend watch it with him while he prepared them both beans on toast, it was clear he was to become an authority on the genre.

Having released a metallic-splatter disc of Elijah Wood’s Maniac remake and collaborted with Dinos Chapman on a reprint of John Carpenter’s classic The Fog in recent months, Death Waltz have established themselves as the pre-eminent horror soundtrack reissue label, fuelling renewed and broader interest in a genre that has long been a specialist haunt.

Rough Trade veteran and organiser of Record Store Day, Spencer Hickman still runs Death Waltz from his apartment by the canal in London’s East End, and it was here that The Vinyl Factory joined him to talk about the label, working with Dinos Chapman and, most importantly, his top ten horror soundtracks.

For more info on Death Waltz, visit their website.

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