South African artist discusses “Variants” with musical collaborator Arenor Anuku



Acclaimed South African artist Robin Rhode has collaborated with The Vinyl Factory to release his first vinyl record. Hand crafted as a limited edition of 100 copies, each signed by the artist, the white vinyl featuring the soundtrack to a series of six short films called ‘Variants’ that Rhode originally produced for his 2011 show at White Cube in Hoxton Square.

Produced by Robin Rhode with arrangements by Arenor Anuku, each of the edition’s gatefold sleeves has been hand-stenciled by the artist at his studio in Berlin.

A provocateur and cultural subversive, Rhode shares conceptual links with artists as varied as Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hammons and the Russian constructivists.

Yet, these “high art” associations do not negate his equally strong ties to popular cultural phenomena such as rappers Wu-Tang Clan, the Nike brand, graffiti art, and music-video director Hype Williams.

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