Skalar - an immersive light installation inside Berlin's former power plant



Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray explore human perception through vast sheets of light and sound.

One of the highlights of CTM Festival 2018 in Berlin earlier this year, Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray’s Skalar evolves with almost methodical, ominous intensity.

Presented in the cavernous former power plant, Kraftwerk Berlin, it treats light as a solid material that “can be sculpted and shaped to architectural dimensions”, channeled through 65 motorized mirrors, and 90 moving lights.

The piece is soundtracked by Kangding Ray’s rhythmic sonic textures and delivered on a multichannel sound system – evocative of his recordings on labels like Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Watch our short film inside the work, which was installed at CTM Festival between 27th January and 25th February earlier this year.