Record Sweep Special: Book shopping with Vladimir Ivkovic



Occult tendencies, home-made tattoos and drugs in warfare.

Earlier this year, we approached DJ and Offen Music label owner Vladimir Ivkovic to take on our Record Sweep challenge: to spend £100 in 10 minutes in a record shop.

Ivkovic had other ideas. Rather than buy records, the studious selector suggested spending the money on books instead. And so The Book Sweep was born.

Hosted by specialists Donlon Books in Broadway Market, Ivkovic set about browsing the shelves for titles that made him tick – frequently alighting on sub-cultures, marginal pursuits and life on the fringes of the mainstream. All of which have played some role in shaping his musical tastes and approach to DJing.

Watch the video above to find out how he got on.

Music courtesy of Vladimir Ivkovic and Offen Music.