Record Stories: Django Django's Dave Maclean on overcoming a fear of The Beach Boys and life in Dundee's "geeky little vinyl club"



Following Metronomy and Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne in our Record Stories series, Dave Maclean of Django Django shares tales of three records that have shaped his eclectic taste in music.

Having compiled the latest instalment of the fantastic Late Night Tales compilation series, which lets artists loose on the most intimate corners of their record collections to curate a nocturnal playlist of their choosing, we met with Dave Maclean of Django Django to talk through his choices and find out a little bit more about the records that have defined him.

From overcoming an early and somewhat irrational fear of The Beach Boys, to over-playing Roy Davis Jr.’s definitive ‘Gabriel’ in the clubs of Dundee, to why Timmy Thomas would sneak into his ultimate desert island discs selection, these are Dave Maclean’s record stories.

You can read an extended transcript of the interview, complete with further recommendations from his superb collection here.

Late Night Tales: Django Django is out now.