"What I’ve amassed here is the autonomy to choose": Inside Pete Paphides' private record collection



Former chief rock critic for The Times, Peter Paphides has been writing about music for over 25 years and has amassed an untold collection of pop records from across the modern era.

In the first of collectors spotlights, Pete talks us through his early obsession with Aztec Camera, why he’ll always love The Beatles more than The Stones, and what it means to own more records than you could ever listen to. Read an extended transcript of the interview with Pete Paphides here.

Last month, we focussed on Pete Paphides incredible collection of modern 7″ pop singles, the video of which you can watch here.

Intro track: Teleman – “Cristina” (Moshi Moshi Records, 2013). Listen to the track in full here.