Go inside Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie's record room in our new short film



Hey Elijah, what’s the record you’re most likely to be caught making love to?

“I get why people would feel a certain way if they know me for movies,” says Elijah of the skepticism he sometimes faces when people hear he’s a DJ and record collector. “It’s interesting how we tend to compartmentalise people in a simple way and the preconceptions that come with that.”

As the cult of celebrity DJs – which reached an all-time nadir when Paris Hilton made her festival debut a few years ago – expands, it’s not really a surprise that people’s initial reaction is critical. But Elijah Wood – who DJs as Wooden Wisdom alongside record label veteran, music supervisor and kindred spirit Zach Cowie – is a genuinely refreshing outlier.

“Like a Trojan horse, if people are coming for the wrong reasons, it can be kind of great, because they might walk away with an appreciation they never knew they had,” he continues. One listen to Wooden Wisdom’s VF Mix – starring Robert Wyatt, Don Cherry and Baris Manço – and you’ll see what he means.

Galvanised by the duo’s crate digging sensibilities and unbridled passion for audio gear, we made the trip to downtown Los Angeles to meet them in person and have a snoop around their joint collection. As well as waxing lyrical about Klipsch, the pair shared guilty pleasures, played us dancefloor rescuers, got sentimental with funeral songs and confessed the records they would most likely be caught making love to.

Producer/Director: Amar Ediriwira
Producer: Anoushka Seigler
Camera & Editor: Augusta Dayton
Assistant Producer: Brid Arnstein
Additional Footage by: Aylin Gungor