Music Video: Watch "LUMILINE" from Trevor Jackson's new album FORMAT



Detailing the ritual of playing a vinyl record, watch the fetishistic “LUMILINE” video above.

Taken from Trevor Jackson’s FORMAT multi screen A/V installation first shown at The Vinyl Factory’s Brewer Street Car Park earlier this year, you can now watch the exclusive video to “LUMILINE”.

Trevor Jackson’s first album in 14 years FORMAT was initially released across 12 different musical formats, including reel-to-reel, DAT, Mini-Disc and USB, with each format containing a separate track. As you might have already deduced from the video, “LUMILINE” was released on 12″ vinyl.

Following on from the multi-edition release, the entire album will be released on triple vinyl, CD and digital with a new bonus track on 18 May.

You can pre-order a copy now.