How to build a turntable: The making of Rega's flagship record player



Inside the UK’s leading turntable factory.

Having taken you on an in-depth tour of Rega Research, we wanted to show you up close how it’s done.

From humble beginnings in the ’70s, Roy Gandy’s Rega has become one of the most popular affordable turntable makers in the world. From their factory in Southend, Rega now make over 4,000 turntables every month.

One of those is the RP8 – one of the brand’s flagship models. With everything done by hand – not least the painfully intricate job of winding the microscopic coils on Rega’s cartridges – we asked Simon Webster to talk us through the process, bit by pain-staking bit.

Read the full interview with Roy Gandy and see photos from inside the factory here.


Dinamo Azari – Drexl ft. Fritz Helder (The Vinyl Factory)
Kate Simko – One Time Game ft. Jem Cooke (The Vinyl Factory)