Inside London Modular - the showroom selling synths to Aphex Twin and Radiohead



London’s only dedicated modular synth showroom.

If you’re in the market for a modular synth there’s really only one place you should go, and that’s London Modular. With a reputation that extends way beyond its modest Hackney Wick space, Phil and Simon supply first-timers, collectors and professional musicians in equal measure with first hand expertise you just can’t get online.

Like Berlin’s legendary analogue hardware merchant Schneider’s Büro, London Modular are becoming the go-to in a section of the music industry that’s booming, both in the number of musicians using modular synths and the number of manufacturers literally pushing the sonic envelope.

That said, we went to visit Phil and Simon to find out just why so many artists are exploring new hardware, what models to look out for right now (check out that video module) and just why they send so many packages to Cornwall…

Wait, is that Massive Attack’s Buchla in the corner?

Get in touch via their website, catch them playing out as London Modular Alliance and plan your visit to the showroom at 14 Felstead Street, London, E9 5LT, United Kingdom

Music: London Modular Alliance