Watch: James Lavelle reignites Mo'Wax with Elliott Power



At home with James Lavelle and the newest member of the Mo’Wax family.

It’s been some time coming, but James Lavelle has finally chosen to resurrect his genre-defining label Mo’Wax. With a discography spanning some of the most iconic releases of the last twenty years, from DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing… to UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction, the label’s new recruit Elliott Power caught up with James Lavelle to discuss his new record Once Smitten in the context of the Mo’Wax canon.

Taking reference points from the label’s back catalogue, where sample culture assumes artistic status and the albums flow like sonic journeys, Power is channeling the strands that have defined the label – art, music and fashion. As Lavelle says: “If I was going to put out a record on Mo’Wax, this energy and Elliott and this crew around him would be a great group of people to fly that flag.”

Once Smitten is released today. Click here to order the vinyl now.