Hito Steyerl on working with Kojey Radical and AI in music





“If you look into the future using AI, you will see very quickly it is extremely blurry.”

Artist and theorist Hito Steyerl’s Power Plants exhibition at Serpentine Gallery explores the role of technology in understanding and revealing what she calls AR or “actual realities” in nature and society.

As part of the exhibition, Steyerl collaborated with UK musician and artist Kojey Radical to create the soundtrack for a new film co-commissioned by The Store X and Serpentine Galleries.

The 9-minute composition, which soundtracks one of the show’s central pieces, is featured on a new Power Plants 12″, which also includes music from late Japanese electronic musician Susumu Yokota on ‘This is the Future’.

In this short film, Steyerl introduces the exhibition how she came to work with Kojey and the ways in which AI can influence the creation of art and music.

A limited edition of the 12″ signed by both Hito Steyerl and Kojey Radical is also now available from the VF shop.


Additional footage courtesy of Serpentine Galleries

Music: Hito Steyerl, Susumu Yokota – This is the Future (Hagoromo, written and produced by Susumu Yokota, courtesy of Lo Recordings. Published by Hub 100 Publishing. Damien Henry, AI sample RNN production.

Kojey Radical – Photo Sin Thesis (Power Plants Edit) – Kojey Radical production by Jasper Sommer, Sir Berus, Mike Musiq

Released on the occasion of an exhibition at Serpentine Galleries (11th April – 6th May 2019). The soundtrack is featured on new video installation by Steyerl, co-commissioned by The Store X and Serpentine Galleries.