Hardcore or Die: Radio Soulwax present audio/visual mix of 80’s hardcore punk

Hardcore or Die: Radio Soulwax present audio/visual mix of 80's hardcore punk



The Soulwax brothers and 2manydjs David and Stephen have put together a pretty fantastic audio/visual mix that powers through the history of 80’s hardcore in one frenzied hour of chopped up and re-arranged vitriol, accompanied by a fine selection of animated record sleeves.

To celebrate The Vinyl Factory’s own homage to the DIY punk genre American Hardcore: US Hardcore Punk Singles 1978-1990, we thought we’d share with you Soulwax’s original spin on the genre. Here’s what they had to say:

We can’t pretend to have been huge hardcore punk fans at the time, but have grown to love it now, with help from some friends but most of all from Steve, our drummer. Using their records and his tapes (of local hardcore radio shows from northern France), we tried to give you our take on 80s hardcore. Some people might feel it’s not very respectful, but listen, those guys take themselves way too seriously and by cutting it up the way we did, we feel we have kept to the original spirit and energy of the music. This show contains some of the best sleeves yet on RSWX.

Concept : Soulwax and Fergadelic
Animation/Editing : Nuno Costa

Download the RADIO SOULWAX app for iphone / ipad / android or watch online at radiosoulwax.com

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