From the basement to Glastonbury: Watch Dinos Chapman talk about the democratisation of music



Our friends at FACT TV went to MUTEK and had a chat with Dinos Chapman.

It’s been a big year for Dinos Chapman. At the start of 2013 he was taking his first tentative steps as an electronic music producer, releasing his debut LP Luftbobler with The Vinyl Factory. As for any artist who opts to work in a new medium, it was a bold move; but then again Chapman’s never been one to shy from challenging the status quo.

Taking an audio/visual adaption of the album on the road, the following months were peppered with a string of hugely successful festival appearances, from Sonar and Club 2 Club abroad to LEAF and Bring To Light In The UK. Add a remix from Actress for Record Store Day and the cumulative acclaim of his follow up EP LUV2H8 and you begin to see how, one year on, the so-called enfant terrible of the British art (and now techno) scene has landed a spot on Glastonbury’s Glade stage.

Joining Dinos on a lime green chaise lounge at MUTEK, FACT’s US team (Chris Kelly, John Twells, and Bryan McKay) went head-to-head with the visual artist and musician to talk about how the democratisation of electronic music has made it possible for him to go from his basement to Glastonbury in just one year.

Dinos Chapman will play The Glad stage at Glastonbury on Saturday 28th June.

Interviews by John Twells & Chris Kelly
Filmed by Bryan McKay