Enter Crypt Of The Wizard, London’s only heavy metal record shop



One shop to rule them all.

For a musical scene so indebted to physical artefacts and incredible artwork, it’s been too long since London had a heavy metal record shop.

Stepping into this barren wasteland, Charlie and Marcus opened Crypt Of The Wizard on Hackney Road in East London in early 2017, focussed on the best of the contemporary heavy metal scene, from death and doom metal to psych and crossover releases from around the world.

Stocking primarily new records, the shop has become a touchstone for the vibrant metal community in the UK, attracting local and international visitors as well as bands on their way through the city. Judas Priest have been known to pop in too.

Visit Crypt Of The Wizard at 324C Hackney Rd, London E2 7AX, Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm (stopping off at Cosmos Records next door while you’re at it), and look out for more tales from the Crypt on VF in the coming weeks.

Music: Eternal Champion – ‘I Am the Hammer’ from The Armor of Ire. Get yours here.

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