Behind the scenes with provocative audio/visual duo 18+

Behind the scenes with provocative audio/visual duo 18+



“How do you make an artwork using video and sound?”

Exploiting the tension between visual art and music through their hazy, screwed brand of bedroom RnB, Justin Swinburne and Samia Mirza pair their music with crudely futuristic, often uncomfortably voyeuristic videos that explore the public/private realm of online identity and sexuality.

Essential for fans of FJKA Twigs, Arca and the xx, 18+’s debut album Trust was release on London’s Houndstooth last year, building on a trio of excellent self-released mixtapes on the fringes of art and music.

With a performance at Brewer Street Car Park presented by Frieze Music and The Vinyl Factory in October, we went behind the scenes with the elusive duo to find out how they’ve found themselves on the vanguard of audio/visual art and music.

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