Analogue: Watch a trailer for our new film series featuring Matthew Herbert, Stephen Morris & more



A love affair with analogue sound.

Introducing our new short film series Analogue, profiling the artists, musicians and producers whose love affair with analogue sound has come to define the way they work.

Travelling the length and breadth of the country, we were invited into a breath-taking variety of studios, from Matthew Herbert’s tranquil beach-side retreat to New Order and Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris’ converted loft barn on the fringes of the Peak District, to see first hand how analogue equipment continues to inspire and shape music in an age where digital rules.

Expensive, unwieldy, limited and often unpredictable, the arguments against musicians migrating from synths, sequencers and samplers to software and computer-based production techniques don’t need spelling out. But with a surfeit of choice afforded by programmes like Pro Tools, what is it about analogue gear which still enchants? What is it about the raw, powerful sound of a Roland that cannot be emulated digitally? How do the personalities of the people who made these bits of equipment shape the sound they create? Why are fewer options conducive to greater creativity?

Featuring Matthew Herbert, Stephen Morris, Karen Gwyer, Benge, Trevor Jackson and more, this series will explore the questions at the heart of why analogue sound continues to define modern music, how artists’ studio spaces come to colour the work they make and what it is about the ‘flawed’, ineffable quality of analogue sound that we relate to both as creators and listeners.

With the first episode, Analogue #1 with Matthew Herbert coming soon, watch our short trailer above.

Produced by Anton Spice
Edited by Kamil Dymek
Shot by Kamil Dymek & Pawel Ptak