VF Mix 91: Mika Vainio by N.M.O.



With their new EP hitting shelves tomorrow, N.M.O. release a tribute mix to quiet noise hero and Pan Sonic co-founder, Mika Vainio.

This month, experimental music lost one of its most distinct voices when Mika Vainio died aged 53. Vainio formed the glitch-focused project Pan Sonic (originally Panasonic before the manufacturer threatened legal action) with Ilpo Väisänen in Finland in 1993.

Following their 1995 debut, Vakio, the project birthed game-changing albums like Kulma and the nearly four-hour epic Kesto. They collaborated with Suicide’s Alan Vega for Endless, as well as Björk, who interviewed Vainio in her 1990s Modern Minimalists BBC TV show. After the duo disbanded in 2009, Vainio followed a successful solo career, releasing records in his own name as well as under the monikers Ø and Philus.

Mika Vainio’s life and untimely death touched countless artists across genres and generations, including Berlin-based experimental duo N.M.O. who have recorded this excellent audio obituary. “The scale of his influence is positively larger than one might think,” say the duo. “Thank you Mika, RIP.”

Vitamin A, Philus, Tetra, Sahkö-015
Erit-Samat, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Hornitus, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Kuvio 3, Philus, KolmioEP, Sähkö-014
Radio, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Kenttä, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Titanic, Mika Vainio
Throb-S, Ø, Olento, Sähkö-012
JL-CSG II, Metri, Sähkö-006
Asuntula, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Spiraalit, Ø, Aste, Sähkö-002.5
Barbarians, Mika Vainio, Vandal EP,R-N 114
Contemplative Contention, Rancho Relaxo Allstars, Higiene Mental Disko B, DB41CD
Toward All Thresholds, ÄÄNIPÄÄ, Through A Pre-Memory, eMEGO 175
Tutkat, Philus, Tetra, Sahkö-015
Hion, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Olento, Ø, Olento, Sähkö-012
Teurastamo, Panasonic, Kulma, BFFP 132
Rakenne 2, Philus, Tetra, Sahkö-015
Kenttä, Ø, Metri, Sähkö-006
Olematon, Ø, Atomit EP, TBPi1203
deux, Vainio & Vigroux, Peau Froide, Léger Soleil,Cosmo Rhythmatic,CR03
Ukaasi, Gagarin-Kombinaatti,83-85, PUU-41
Medusa, Ø, Röntgen EP,Sähkö-001,
11th June 2008 Mika Vainio, Kouhei Matsunaga, Sean Booth , 3. Telepathics Meh In-Sect Connection Important Records IMPREC281
Sellin’ my monkeys, VVV,Resurrection River ‎(CD, Album) MEGO 075
schnee(Mika Vainio remix) Popol Vuh-Nachts, Nachts: Schnee / Aguirre, eMEGO 090 / Titanic, Mika Vainio
Hobojungle, Mika Vainio, Lucio Capece , Trahnie, EDITIONS mego 098

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