VF Mix 87: The Egyptian Lover by Cairo Liberation Front

VF Mix 87: The Egyptian Lover by Cairo Liberation Front



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Jamming on the Nile.

Egypt. The land and mythology that has inspired more musicians than practically anywhere else is the meeting point of two tributaries at different stages of their funky eletronic journey down the Nile.

At one end is Cairo Liberation Front, the Dutch duo propelling “a new wave of Egyptian wedding rave,” other wise known as electro cha3bi. Combining hip-hop, Eurohouse and Arabic rhythms that they describe as “Omar Souleyman meeting Sean Paul and Aphex Twin at a wedding party,” CLF have chosen to pay homage to ’80s hip-hop playboy The Egyptian Lover, with a 21-track tour de force that dives straight in with the timeless ‘Egypt, Egypt.’

Listen in below and click here to hear The Egyptian Lover on the other side of the controls, paying homage to Kraftwerk on VF Mix 43 last year.


01. Egypt, Egypt
02. Girls
03. Electric Encouter
04. Sexy Style
05. The Alezby Inn
06. Yes, Yes, Yes
07. Computer Power
08. Computer Love
09. Dance – Dub Mix
10. What Is A DJ If He Can’t Scratch
11. Ultimate Scratch
12. And My Beat Goes Boom
13. Freak-A-Holic
14. Dial-A-Freak
15. Spray It Super AJ
16. You’re So Fine
17. I Need A Freak
18. Kinky Nation
19. My House (On The Nile)
20. Voices
21. I Cry (Night After Night)

Cairo Liberation Front join 47SOUL and DJ Suez Beats at The Scala tonight as part of Convergence festival. Click here for tickets and more info.

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