VF Mix 58: Music Without Borders by Sad City

VF Mix 58: Music Without Borders by Sad City





Sounds from Earth.

With nations heading in an increasingly isolationist, nativist and protectionist direction, it’s important to remember that we have more similarities than differences. And thus, as interesting as it is to think about the territorial qualities that can shape music, often it’s reassuringly liberating to just strip away the borders.

It’s in this spirit that Gary Caruth aka Sad City has mixed VF Mix 58, which he says, “celebrates the free movement of sound, in a world where sadly the movement of people is not nearly as free. Music from around the world.”

With his own borderless debut album Shapes in Formation out now on Meda Fury / Emotional Response, the Northern Irish-born, Glasgow-based musician traverses some of the farthest corners of the Earth in the epic one hour selection. From the fourth world musings of Jon Hassell and Brian Eno to DJ Sotofett’s tribal-flavas and the dazzling synth muscle of Mariah, have listen and see the tracklist below:

01. Slow Riffs – ‘Virgo Dub’ (Mood Hut)
02. Mariah – ‘視線’ (Shisen) (Shan-Shan)
03. Slow Riffs – ‘Peace Arch’ (Mood Hut)
04. Gamelan Gong Sekaha Sadha Budaya – ‘Gending Kebyar Kosalya Arini’ (Nonesuch)
05. Edgar Froese – ‘Aqua’ (Virgin)
06. Archie Shepp – ‘Song For Mozambique / Poem: A Sea Of Faces’ (Black Saint)
07. Linkwood Family – ‘Miles Away’ (Firecracker)
08. DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – ‘Main Bar Mix’ (Honest Jon’s)
09. Mopti Niger Walking from Bush Taxi Mali (Sublime Frequencies)
10. Adama Drame – ‘Abounaye'(Playa Sound)
11. EMI Musical Atlas Series, North Indian Folk Music (EMI)
12. Jon Hassell / Brian Eno – ‘Griot (Over “Contagious Magic”)’ (Editions EG)
13. Healing Force Project – “Apophenia” (Firecracker)
14. Max Roach – ‘All Africa’ (Candid)
15. Cottam – ‘Untitled’ (B side on COTTAM002) (Cottam)
16. Tony Allen With Afrobeat 2000 – ‘Nepa Dance Dub’ (Moving Target)
17. Dogon Country At Night from Bush Taxi Mali (Sublime Frequencies)

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