VF Mix 166: Kassav’ by Alma Negra



A Carribean zouk disco party.

“As twin brothers with Cape Verdian heritage, we have grown up surrounded by various types of African and Caribbean music. Kassav’ are one of the most famous Caribbean bands, formed in Guadeloupe in 1979. They are considered to be some of the founders of zouk, which has become very popular again in recent years. Mixing this influence with disco elements, they’ve created their own distinctive style of music.

I was in Guadeloupe in 2017 for holidays, and a good friend gave me the contact of a guy who was selling records. Unfortunately I could not reach him, and was quite disappointed. On the last evening, the house owners where we were staying invited us for dinner. I mentioned that I could not find any records. They opened up their garage, and they had at least 800 records there. Most of the vinyl in this mix I found there.”

Listen to DJ collective Alma Negra’s mix and check out the tracklist below.


1. Kassav’ – Message
2. Kassav’ – Sa ki la Pouw
3. Georges Decimus (Kassav’) – La Vie
4. Kassav’ – Lagué Moin
5. Kassav’ – Es sé au la Fe
6. Kassav’ – Ayé
7. Kassav’ – Mwin Malade Aw
8. J.F Desvarieux (Kassav’) – Sweet Florence
9. Kassav’ + J.C Naimro – Avèo Doudou
10. Kassav’ – Sé Dam Bonjou
11. Kassav’ – Gadé en Haut
12. Kassav’ – Zouk la sé sel medikaman nou ni

Alma Negra Remixed is out now on 12″ vinyl.