VF Mix 132: Sky Records by E Ruscha V





The progressive Hamburg label that released music by Brian Eno, Cluster and Moebius & Plank.

Founded by Günter Körber in 1975, during its 20 year existence, Sky Records was a champion of left field sounds from luminaries like Conny Plank, Brian Eno and Dieter Moebius.

LA based producer E Ruscha V’s latest album Who Are You, channels these early electronic and ambient experimentations of Sky Records.

Listen to the mix, find out why Ruscha chose Sky Records for his VF Mix and check out the track list below:

“Sky Records is a label I’ve collected for many, many years; I’ve always been drawn to their elegant and mysterious approach of the graphics and sound. Any record with that logo always seems to carry an almost untouchable beauty and inventiveness in the music as well as in the production, mostly owing to Conny Plank’s heavy involvement.”

“Of course when you dig deeper there are all manner of styles and production techniques going through the catalogue, even some pop rock outings. For this mix I have chosen many Sky Records “classics” and hopefully some hidden gems for the deepest enthusiasts. The sound on these records continue to awe and inspire me, and I’m sure they always will. I hope you enjoy the contribution this label has made to music as much as I do.”


1. Cluster – Manchimal
2. Michael Rother – Zeni
3. Tyndall – Sudwind
4. Mythos – Jet Sex
5. Roedelius – Mr. Livingston, I Suppose
6. Von Doyen/ Schuetz – Valley Of Monsters Pt.1
7. Roedelius – Von Ferne Her
8. Von Doyen/ Schuetz – Valley Of Monsters Pt.2
9. Conrad Schnitzler – Tanze Im Regen
10. Moebius – Contramio
11. Phantom Band – Rolling
12. Gunter Schickert – In Der Zeit
13. Moebius & Plank – Two Old Timers
14. Deutsche Wertarbeit – Auf Engelsflügeln
15. Michael Rother – Orchestrion
16. Cluster – In Ewigkeit

E Ruscha V’s Who Are You is out now on Beats in Space.