Readers’ records – the best entries from our vinyl photography competition




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The results are in.

Over the past month or so, hundreds of VF readers from around the world sent in photographs of their record collections for our competition. With a brand new Rega turntable and a copy of Dust & Grooves up for grabs for winner and runner-up respectively, many readers went to great lengths to make their entry stand out.

So before we proceed, a couple of shout outs. Hats off to the man who dismantled his shelving unit, packed up his records and drove to an apple orchard where he re-assembled everything for a choreographed shot. He didn’t win but he’s made it into the gallery below. And a special mention to the guy with the bottle of wine who duplicated himself in the same frame. Again, not the winner, but we did like it a lot and you can check out that photo below.

Interestingly, a strong proportion of photos we received featured a pet or a baby. None of those pics made it into this feature, bar one – the winning entry. Shot by Alexis Hillariet, we think it evokes that sense of joy and excitement that makes owning a record collection such a vibrant, vital part of life.

Shot with a wide lens, our number two by Kings Davis is wonderfully geometric and completely immersive. The frame is packed with classic records and we had fun picking them all out:

Here’s a gallery of our favourite entries:

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