Performed, printed and pressed: Making vinyl records from scratch at Station To Station




An evolving collection of the best images from The Vinyl Factory at Station To Station.

If the spirit of Doug Aitken’s Station To Station project is spontaneous creativity and collaboration, then documentation is its corporeal form. At the heart of the 30 Day Happening, where the processes behind art and music are celebrated (whether painting, printing, pressing or performing), is a production line dedicated to its output.

Over the course of the four week show, the recordings made in residency (both planned and off the cuff) at The Vinyl Factory Studio at the Barbican’s Art Gallery will make their way down to The VF Press on the ground floor, where they will be pressed onto vinyl in short run editions, each batch matched up with a bespoke and utterly unique sleeve design, realised simultaneously in the graphic design studio upstairs.

There, acclaimed designers Fraser Muggeridge and then Maki of Abake Studios will devise and print up to three hundred sleeves manually for each record, which will then be available for purchase from the Barbican and The Vinyl Factory.

Check out the process in our gallery above which will grow and develop over the next four weeks as the production gathers pace and keep out for new editions available to order from the VF shop.