Our favourite vinyl releases this week (December 8)

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Essential weekend listening.

This week’s rundown is by VF’s Kelly Doherty, and contributors Annabelle Van Dort, Emily Hill and James Hammond.

Joanna Brouk

Sounds of the Sea

(Numero Group)


Numero Group presents the first-ever reissue of New Age visionary Joanna Brouk’s oceanic concept album, Sounds of the Sea. Originally released on private press cassette in 1981, Sounds of the Sea is a mystical voyage into the realm of sailors and mermaids, full of droning moogs, whale songs and Brouk’s otherworldly vocals that beckon like a siren’s call across the open sea. A gorgeous addition to Numero’s Brouk series, which has already gifted listeners with ambient, new-age masterworks such as Hearing Music (2016) and The Space Between (2019).–AVD

DJ Rashad

Double Cup (10 Year Anniversary)



DJ Rashad’s seminal Double Cup receives a 10-year reissue from Partisan Records. Despite Rashad’s tragic passing six months after the album’s initial release, Double Cup has gone on to be a landmark release in both footwork and the broader dance world and reflective listening reaffirms why. Packed with the familiar skittish beats of footwork, liquid gold hip-hop textures and a raw sense of ambition and originality, Double Cup is a once-in-a-generation record. Always a pleasure to revisit. –KD

East Coast Love Affair ft Theo Suess


(Athens Of The North)


After a string of immaculate singles and reworks—check out last year’s seductive acid-house flip of Roy Ayers’s “Chicago”— Athens of the North’s ‘in-house band’ (Euan Fryer and Nick Moore) return with a lo-fi electro-groover, featuring standout vocals from Theo Suess. Chuggy and atmospheric, Suess’s airy falsetto floats atop lilting synth chords and an understated, sensual bassline. With a Weatherall-esque psychedelic, drum-centric dub on the B-side, East Coast Love Affair close out 2023 with another 7” double-header!–AVD





Essential listening from Japanese singer and artist Sonoko to keep us warm over the cold winter nights. There’s little out there on the elusive singer otherwise known as Sonoko Yasuda, but the charming warmth in her delicate voice over lounge-y jazz melodies is hypnotising. Potentially composed in the ’90s, this special and limited edition 7″ features two tracks with an additional bonus on Stroom’s Bandcamp. Highly infectious smoothing energy for the holiday season.–EH


Recorded in Miami 1989-91



Bill Orcutt’s work on the acoustic and electric guitar has long been a source of intrigue and brilliant LPs, and with this early recording, we get a glimpse at the foundations of his approach. Given the irreverent abandon of his work in Harry Pussy or his solo LPs of abstract blues and tic-like stream-of-consciousness playing, Watt finds Orcutt alongside Tim Koffley’s drums working on some more conventional rock forms. Proximity to convention not being the typical association with Orcutt, the results here entice with angular grooves. The duo’s interplay builds tension in the more frenetic moments and hints at Orcutt’s future explorations.–JH

Liaisons Dangereuses

Liaisons Dangereuses

(Soulsheriff Records)


Liaisons Dangereuses are an iconic West German trio, formed in the early 1980s, consisting of Beate Bartel, Chrislo Haas and vocalist Krishna Goineau. Their debut album, originally released in 1981 by German label TIS Records (Teldec Import Service), has been reissued many times due to its coveted status. The artwork, sound and essence of the album are quintessentially industrial and a must-have in any post-punk, wave, EBM arsenal. With minimal instruments but maximum presence, this album has been relevant for 40 years and no doubt for another 40 to come.–EH


Drum Tools w/ Leod Edit

(Sweet N Tasty)


Brighton producer K-Lone gives the gift of love to DJs this festive period with Drum Tools. With six percussive cuts designed to “simmer and pop” in any mix, Drum Tools more than stands up on its own. Forging links across UK garage, house, funky and hard drum, K-Lone delivers club essentials for any drum aficionado.–KD

Lamin Fofana

Lamin Fofana & the Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family

(Honest Jon’s)


Appearing on a recent Honest Jon’s compilation that took mbalax drumming as its central theme, Lamin Fofana returns to the label for a wider look at his craft. Meeting mbalax drumming with a range of percussive ideas–four on the floor pulses included- this one ingeniously intertwines the rhythm with percolating synths and subtle field recording that seems to swirl at the peripheries.–JH