A guide to January’s best new music on the latest VF radio show

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Egyptian electro, DIY soul and percussive minimalism.

Every month, VF hosts a show on Soho Radio, playing through a selection of new and forthcoming releases that have excited us in the last month. And while we do our best to keep you well stocked with record recommendations via our weekly release rundowns, sometimes there’s just not enough space to fit it all in.

For January’s instalment, VF Editor Anton Spice dedicated the first 90-minutes of the show exclusively to new music (you can listen to the segment on reissues here). Beginning with Mira Calix’ first new release in 10 years, and a dose of Argentinian soul from Femina, the show includes Ecuadorian explorations from Nicola Cruz, DIY soul from Yves Jarvis, the Scotland-via-Sleeping Bag punk funk of Amor, new jazz releases from Nick Walters, Theon Cross and Que Vola? as well as a broad range of experimental electronics from Eli Keszler, Martina Lussi and Nkisi among others.

Listen to the show and check out the tracklist below.


Mira Calix – rightclick (Warp)
Femina – Arriba (Femina)
Nicola Cruz – Arka (ZZK)
Andrew Wasylyk – Welter In The Haar (Athens of the North)
Angel Bat Dawid – We Are Starzz (International Anthem)
Yves Jarvis – That Don’t Make It So (Anti-)
Planet Giza – Brk Frm Nrml (Ft. Mick Jenkins)
Que Vola? – Nganga (Nø Førmat)
Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble – Dear Old Thing (22a)
Amor – Glimpses Across Thunder (Night School)
Gaijin Blues – Guardia Castle (Shapes of Rhythm)
Hassan Khan – SUPERSTRUCTURE {the ammunition of the nation} (The Vinyl Factory)
Khalab – Black Noise (Afrikan Sciences Remix) (On The Corner)
Theon Cross – Activate (Gearbox)
Nkisi – VII (UIQ)
Eli Keszler – Enter The Bristle Strum (Shelter Press)
Martina Lussi – Higher Energy (Latency)
Mana – Solo (Hyperdub)
Dawn – we, diamonds (Local Action)