Listen to our complete podcast series on The World of Vinyl Today

Listen to our complete podcast series on The World of Vinyl Today




Four episodes on record collecting, pressing matters and vinyl trends.

Has the internet ruined the joy of record collecting? Is there an issue with reissues? What are the pressing matters in the vinyl industry? Are we finding new ways to enjoy and experience vinyl records?

Those questions and many more are addressed in our comprehensive four part podcast series. With input from 16 industry experts, we tackle the big questions circling record collecting, pressing matters and vinyl trends.

Podcast panelists:

Kevin Lewandowski (Discogs)
Nicole McKenzie (Sounds of The Universe)
Alexander Nut (Eglo Records)
Bill Brewster (
Jonny Trunk (Trunk Records)
Quinton Scott (Strut Records)
Orsi Muntyan (Jazzman Records)
Derek Walmsley (The Wire)
Frank Merritt (The Carvery)
Crispin Murray (Independent mastering consultant)
Sofia Ilyas (Erased Tapes Records)
Gennaro Castaldo (BPI)
Kirsti Weir (Fabric)
Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy (Classic Album Sundays)
Rob Butler (Be With Records)
Justin Greenslade (Isonoe)

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  1. blamblamman 1 year ago

    I’ve been a record collector since the 80s and while I really like the idea of RSD and limited and exclusive releases, I absolutely hate Record Store Day. The store is clogged with people who rarely (if ever) patronize stores during the rest of the year and one has to stand in line to look at a few crates of rather silly reissues. Don’t get me wrong… there are some great RSD releases scattered amongst the crap but the experiences of shopping on that particular day is frantic, crowded and not how I want to spend my time. If you really want to support your local record store, shop there during the year. That’s my two cents.

    I love reissues but you really need to be careful with sourcing. Do your homework with Sourcing, Mastering and Pressing and you can get a really good value. It can be really difficult to get a reasonably priced old Hard Bop record in decent shape for the price of some of the new reissues from Blue Note ($16). There is a lot of digital sourcing now, which can be really bad or really good. Again… it’s important that consumers do their homework. I think there are lots of labels to avoid all together as they are just cheap CD transfers and whats the point of that? 4 Men With Beards, DOXY, and whoever does those double blue vinyl versions of Kind of Blue and Blue Train! Good Podcast. I am enjoying the conversation. Cheers

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