Listen to VF Mix 08 – an exclusive Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie aka Wooden Wisdom vinyl-only mix






The first of the New Year and the 8th in our series, the latest VF mix is a special one. Ahead of their DJ tour which kicks off in exactly one week, Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie (aka Wooden Wisdom) give us an unprecedented insight into their world of vinyl.

Wooden Wisdom is a DJ duo comprised of Elijah Wood (known best for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) and Zach Cowie, a record business veteran who’s worked with Touch & Go, Sub Pop, Drag City and Rhino, and recently shared 20 soulful folk and rock cover versions with us.

Sceptical? You’re not alone. The announcement of their tour (see below for details) set social media alight with “DJ Frodo” remarks – “Lords Of The Decks?”, “Get Gandalf on the mic”, “Even Frodo is at it now” and so on. And it’s understandable, as one tweet puts it: “Paris Hilton opened up the door for anyone to be a DJ”.

But the fact is, Elijah Wood isn’t your average celebrity DJ. Both him and Cowie are vinyl enthusiasts that can’t stop digging through Discogs, eBay, record bins, basically anywhere, in search of unusual, rare, and interesting music.

Have a listen to their mix and decide for yourself:

Starting with Robert Wyatt and journeying through Francis Bebey, Don Cherry, Biddu and Baris Manço, it’s a hour of eclectic gold. And they’re keen to state that the selection is simply an assortment of their latest finds – “a trip through the new arrivals bin of Wooden Wisdom”.

Photo: Geordie Wood

Full Tracklist

Zach Cowie
Robert Wyatt – ‘Pigs’ from The Liberator: Artists For Animals (Deltic)
Francis Bebey – ‘Forest Nativity’ from Psychedelic Sanza: 1982-1984 (Born Bad)
Don Cherry ‘Brown Rice’ from Brown Rice (A&M)

Elijah Wood
Minstral – ‘Jamie’ from 45 (CNR)
Lata J. Ramasar ‘- The Greatest Name That Lives’ from The Greatest Name That Lives (KDR Recording Studios of New York)
Biddu – ‘Boom Boom’ from Film Hits 1982 (EMI)

Zach Cowie
Dip In The Pool – ‘Spring From The Surface’ from Silence (Rough Trade)
DJ Steve – ‘Special Cuts #2’ from 12” (Beats In Space)
Sachico Kanenobu – ‘Far Away From You’ from Misora (Guerssen)

Elijah Wood
Elia y Elisabeth – ‘Alegria’ from La Onda Elia Y Elisabeth (Vampi Soul)
Baris Manço – ‘Alla Beni Pulla Beni’ from Kurtalan Ekspres (Türkü La)
Bo Galigher – ‘Oh! Baby’ from 45 (Top Records)

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