Inside Kid Koala’s incredible collection of oddities and educational records





A magical pick ‘n’ mix.

As part of its celebration of Montréal music culture during the main Academy event in September and October, Red Bull Music Academy visited some of the city’s record fiends to find out more about their collections. The series spans ten different collections, with names known and unknown, showcasing the breadth and depth of a city obsessed with records.

With the series kicking off on RBMA Daily, we’re delighted to premiere this instalment with Ninja Tune mainstay, turntablist and all-round record nut Kid Koala.

Cut from the same cloth as DJ Food, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, Kid Koala’s collection is a magical pick ‘n’ mix of educational records, comic-book oddities and unique curiosities, from Japanese children’s turntables to vintage audio gear and even his own record cutter.

Cycle through the gallery above and read the brief Q&A about the collection below.


Photos: Bruno Destoumbes

Please describe your collection, its history, and its place in your life.

It consists of mainly strange, educational records. Most of them have wonderful stories behind them.

How many records do you own?

They are all borrowed from the universe of used records.

What’s the most expensive/rarest record in your collection?

A 10″ custom cut vinyl of my daughters saying the alphabet and counting. They even designed their own centre label.


What are your go-to stores?

Salvation Army/Goodwill/Flea Markets

Is there a general vibe/genre you look for when digging?

Anything with an interesting story.

What record is essential to that genre? 

They are all pretty compelling if you factor in the idea that it was made by humans!


Is there a method to find the best records among the messiest, most intimidating crates? 


What record gets played the most?

Thelonious Monk plays Duke Ellington.

What about vinyl and digging captivates you?

It’s a nice meditative way to spend a rainy afternoon in a city you don’t know. 

What was the catalyst for your vinyl collection?

My parents bought me my first story book record when I was maybe 2 years old.


What’s the record that got away?

How does a record get away?

What one record would you save in a fire, and why?

See answer to question #3

What is the perfect record? 

One that makes you smile and/or cry.

If you were a record, which record would you be?

Muppet Show Album!