Gallery: The best Instagram images and videos of Carsten Nicolai’s unicolor





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“Maybe a good way to judge the quality of a new work of art is by how many people are willing to ruin your experience by taking a selfie in front of it.”

So begins Time Out’s recent review of Carsten Nicolai’s unicolor installation, the infinite extensions of colour and light proving irresistibly photogenic to visitors immersed in its chromatic glow. “By that yardstick,” it continues, “Carsten Nicolai’s Unicolor is a fucking masterpiece.”

Jokes aside, perhaps one of the main reasons why unicolor, and its partner installation bausatz noto ∞ are so alluring to capture is because they are so captivating to experience. Open already for three weeks, Instagram and Twitter has been flooded with multi-coloured bands, walls of fluorescent glowing vinyl records and pensive silhouettes.

With two weeks to go, we thought we’d pick out the best visitor images and videos of the show as posted on Instagram and share the multitude of perspectives and perceptions revealed by the installations.

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unicolor is on show at The Vinyl Factory’s Brewer Street Car Park space until 2nd August. Open daily (closed Mondays) 12-6pm free of charge. Click here for more info.

To mark the exhibition, Carsten Nicolai is also releasing a limited edition vinyl. Random Groove is pressed to fluoro pink vinyl and available to order here.